Motivation for Writing

8 Apr
Sometimes in the writing process you may find yourself under-motivated, uninspired, filled with an inexplicable blankness. Don’t worry too much, it’s perfectly normal to hit a point of dullness. The important part is learning how to rebound from the black...
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Successful Sequel

14 Mar
Sometimes when you set out to write your novel, you may quickly realize that you will likely need to write a sequel to finish the story. Although Indebted is in the process of being edited and marketed, I have already...
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Compelling Characters

4 Mar
Characters are arguably the most important part of a novel. If a reader cannot relate or at least be entertained by your protagonist (or antagonist), then it’s highly likely that they will lose interest. Here are a few of the...
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How to Write a Novel

23 Feb
Some people might think that in order to write a novel, it’s as simple as sitting down and writing. If only it were so easy! Unfortunately, most people aren’t talented enough writers to simply sit down for a few hours...
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Dreaded Editing

18 Feb
After I spent nearly two years writing Indebted, I was naive enough to believe that writing the novel would honestly be the hardest part. For the past few weeks I have been working on editing it, and have quickly learned a...
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New Beginnings

17 Feb
Welcome to the website! This page is going to document the trials and tribulations of my best efforts at completing and publishing my first book, Indebted. For any new writer, there is an overwhelming amount of information on how to become successful (take...
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